my cabinet!

of course i can't find the "before" picture, but here are 2 "during" pics and a finished one

so now it is sitting in our dining room hiding all our extra kitchen stuff!


reason #256 why i love my concrete floors...

you know how on tv when bad things happen, it all goes in slow motion? definatly how this happened:
last night i was finishing up the hutch that i have been redoing. (it looks awesome, but worthy of its own post) brandt walked into the dining room to talk to me, and as i turned to face him the can of varnish slipped from my hands and fell to the floor. in landed upright, but as it hit, the contents flew upwards and outwards all over the floors/walls/table/hutch/me. long story short, it cleaned up easily, and i finished my project! and i love my floors!


we bought a rug

the animals approve...


need anything assembled? i'm getting good at it!

check out our grown-up desk!

bye bye to our cheapy college dorm-ish furniture!


we're a little bit fruity...

when we moved in, the house came complete with a mandarin orange and a lemon tree! we added to them this weekend with a strawberry plant!
and then i was feeling a little crafty/needed a break from unpacking. this guy was left by the previous owner (thank you!) but was a little rusty since we was just metal. here he is with several coats of paint:

and then here's my giant door mat! its a combo of
two that i tweaked in order to look like one