any graphic design nerds out there?

i found this off another blog, its pretty fun! to me at least...


do you believe in signs?

last night we went and ate at Pei Wei (yum!) with jen and kyle. if you haven't been there, they have their fortune cookies just sitting out by the drink machines, so you can kind of help yourself. we always grab one when we sit down and wait for our food (appetizer, no?) and then usually grab another when we leave. kyle got up and jen asked for a second cookie, so i said i would to. for the baby. of course. i think brandt is getting tired of that excuse, so i amended it, the cookie is for me. the fortune, for the baby.

so i open it, and heres whats staring me in the face:

and the fortune:

i showed them all the girl side, that was weird. then when i realized the fortune applied too, i had brandt read it. pretty creepy!!!

ps: we stopped and got lotto tickets with those numbers on the way home :)

i'm in week 15!

so that means the baby is the size of a naval orange!


14 weeks!

i finally look like i am having a baby!

that was this morning right before i went to work.
although i probably look like i ate too much at dinner...

also, i found this on another girl's blog, so i will do this every so often too!

How far along? 14 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: no idea, dr hasn't said
Maternity clothes? ive worn a top but it looked too big. also rocked some mat jeans the other day b/c i was doing laundry, but they are too big. so not really just yet
Stretch marks? nope! its a bit early though
Sleep: often. the napping phase has passed, but i still can't stay up as late as i used to
Best moment this week: umm i get off at work at noon today! not baby related, i know...
Movement: too soon
Food cravings: none yet. but i would love a dipped cone from DQ
Gender: no idea. everyone has a "feeling" but me, it seems
Labor Signs: not for a long time please *fingers crossed*
Belly Button in or out? in. lets keep it that way as long as possible
What I miss: energy
What I am looking forward to: looking pregnant instead of chubby
Weekly Wisdom: Don't be passively pregnant. This is your life for the next 9 months, so take charge of it. (this was the other girl's, i can't come up with anything better)
Milestones: for the first time ever i forgot to take my vitamin. not a good milestone :(


week 14!

so as of today i'm 13 weeks (but in week 14)we have a lemon!

also, i had my second appointment this morning (with me dr, the second ultrasound was with a technician was was a screening for several genetic disorders)

i got to hear the heartbeat!
all the genetic tests came back negative!

she said everything looks healthy and normal.

take that friday the 13th!


spreading the news

every year on Christmas eve, my in-laws have a small party/get-together, and my family comes too. so we figured that that would be the best/easiest/fairest way to tell everyone, get it done all at once! we knew we wanted to do it at Christmas, so this was perfect!

we waited till everyone was there and said that we wanted a group picture, b/c we don't have any other than weddings. so we got everyone all together and brandt set the timer. when it was counting down he said "everyone say 'jamie's pregnant!'"

so the plan was to have a photo with everyone's expressions

we got this:

in case you can't identify everyone, you have the moms and one grandmother (some of the main people we wanted reactions from!) are all hiding. and you can tell that our siblings all were in on it, although i'm not sure why jen is staring at kyle...

so after the picture, we just turned around and were waiting to be showered with hugs, tears, etc. any reaction really. and we got nothing. finally someone asked, are you serious?!

theyhad thought that brandt was joking, but then we got all our hugs and congrats, it was fun. although everyone was in shock for the rest of the night still!


and then for my grandparents:

i made them this, and framed it and mailed it off to michigan!
(of course i forgot to take a pic)

we figured sine the other grandparents (great gparents?!) we finding out for Christmas, so should they! so i wrapped it up in Christmas paper and sent it overnight, just to be sure that it got there in time. so the plan was to have them open it Christmas afternoon when all my aunts/uncles/cousins were there. i was even going to ask someone to get a picture of them opening it.

but once she saw how much i had spent to overnight the package, she didn't even notice the wrapping paper, and opened it right away! now this is 2 days before my parents were going to find out, so i was sooooooo scared that my mom would find out! my aunt called all sorts of excited, but i couldn't get ahold of my grandparents to say "DONT TELL YET!!"

and of course, my mom called that afternoon. but fortunately our news stayed a secret. my aunt had pointed out that since it was wrapped in Christmas paper, it was probably supposed to be opened on Christmas.

so that was my stressful afternoon! every time i tried called my gparents or my aunt i had to go outside, since i work with my in-laws, and they didn't know yet. it was all pretty funny though.

and now everybody knows :)



so on friday i was going to post this:

a plum!

b/c as of friday, i am 12 weeks!
(although, today that means i'm 12w 3d)

but then jen and i figured out that although i am 12 weeks along, i am in my 13th week!
i have a peach!

also... i hopefully will be able to start with the belly pics soon. but i still look pretty much the same. although i did notice a slight difference yesterday! but it could have been that large milkshake from saturday settling in :(


11w 4d ultrasound

the baby is waving! thats the hand up there by the face

katy says the baby is flipping us off in this pic :(

whoo hoo! the baby has legs! and teeth?