i got tagged!!!

I actually got tagged a few weeks ago, but can't ever come up with things to say! here goes!

  1. i LOVE baking. anything. i'd make something every day if i had people around to eat it. i also enjoy cooking, but am not near as creative or willing to try new things in this area, even though i would with the baking. i think its b/c even if my cookies don't turn out so well, they are still cookies. and everyone loves cookies!
  2. i enjoy designing things on the computer. i've done everything from company logos to wedding invitations to Christmas cards. i would like to start a business but the only thing holding me back is that i can't come up with a name for it!
  3. i'm secretly (or maybe not so secretly?) bitter that i get gypped every year on valentines day. i know its a hallmark holiday, and i don't expect a gift. but since my bday is the following day, all of my past bf's and now my hub just skip valentines. they are two seperate days people!! (brandt is getting better with this)
  4. i didn't go to A&M. i lived there, didn't miss a football game or yell for years. attended a class or two. ate on campus. spent the night on campus. owned more maroon shirts than any other color. even when i lived in san marcos, some people didn't realize that i commuted every weekend. people still forget that i'm not a "true" aggie.
  5. i am suddenly, well, in the past year, addicted to "scrubs." we started watching them right before we bought our house and now we dvr them. when brandt leaves for work at night i would watch several episodes. now he leaves later, and is about as into them as me, so we watch them earlier together. how did i miss this show when it was on before? (oh yeah, i spent my free time driving to aggieland and back)
  6. i was offered a coach purse for Christmas. now yes, they are pretty, i'm sure they hold up really well, and they are very nice. no offense to anyone that has one, but i couldn't bring myself to pick one out. (thats a lie, i picked out 5!) the thought of putting that much value in a purse just wasn't making sense to me. it seemed wasteful, sinful, i dont know. i overthought it, i know that much. so i decided to pick out a purse i've always wanted that's very unique and much cheaper! (brandt said he was proud of me)
  7. i have become blog obsessed. i use google reader (highly recomend it) and started with my friends blogs. then i added people from home who's blogs i found. then i started adding people i dont know. its crazy how its grown! i think i subscribe to 34. mainly they are about decorating and being crafty. unfortunatly, i now have too many ideas, and not enough free time. dumb job...
i did it! in like 20 minutes. who knew i liked talking about myself so much!? sorry it took so long to do it.

i dont have alot of "blog friends" so i won't tag 7 people. but here are the lucky few:

want me to tag you so you can play? leave a comment lol i could use some more blog friends :)


happy halloween, vol 3 (house)

just some house decor

glitter pumpkins that i made last year

my halloween wreath. it needs a bow.
(its also brighter in real life)

yummy cookies!

happy halloween vol 2 (animals!)

for the record, i bought these on 75% off clearance...
i wouldn't have spent full price for this lol

niko the punk kitty.

madi the lobster

and nevaeh the chicken! she hated me for this
sorry the pics aren't great, they weren't cooperating :)

happy halloween, vol 1 (people)

a little late, i know.

here's the 3 of us all wearing jen's sunglasses
somehow they matched all of our outfits!

kyle went as the most interesting man in the world
(from the dos equis comercials)

i went as a hippy chick and brandt was a cop

jen was a bee!

and these are just b/c i have a fun setting on my camera!

i have to add, volcano's frozen screwdrivers = yum!


almost ready!

i was so excited when we moved and found out there were citrus trees in the yard! i've never grown anything other than flowers, so its pretty cool.

when we moved in, this is what the oranges looked like:
we also had lemons and strawberries, but they didn't make it.

here are our oranges, as of last week!

they are like the size of, well, oranges! yay! i checked them again yesterday, and they are almost all yellow, so they will be picked soon!