last night we decided to carve our pumpkins!

brandt had a pattern to go off of, it was a ghost pumpkin. but he didnt want to mess with getting the paper to stay on the pumpkin, so he free handed it! nice!

i also had a pattern, a wolf. well, i spent forever "tracing" it onto the pumpkin, just to find out that i didn't press down hard enough to really see where my lines were :(
(note: later i found out you can rub flour
on the pumpkin and your marks show up!)

so i ended up sort of free handing mine, and distorting it in the process.

so, ladies and gentlemen, i give you:
wolfman/werewolf pumpkin and ghost pumpkin!
also, b/c i forgot yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANG!


brandt gets to play with power tools!

fortunatly, our only damage from the hurricane was some missing roofing from our back porch. ive been bugging brandt about it for a month now, b/c it looks easy to reaplace. i am a fan of projects and building things, so i was excited. this is going to be fun, right?

well, in the world of brandt, notsomuch.

he wanted to hire someone ($$$!) to do it for us. oh come on! how hard can this be! its wood and hardware! i begged and pleaded about redoing it ourselves.

we compromised by saying all we would replace would be the top, the rest stays, in order to save money. (yes, this from the contractor-happy guy, i think he really meant less work, not less money!) i was pretty bummed b/c i would love to change up the shape of it in order for the grill and table to fit a little more harmoniously. one day...

so with minimal work ahead of him, brandt got motivated one afternoon and we started tearing down the remaining now brittle and sun-baked fiberglass roofing.

so we got the fiberglass off. found some wierd things. hot glue? nails with rubber washers on them? styrofoam half circle thingies? man this dude must not have known what he was doing...

we also found rotten wood. so that came down. the wood that was nailed into? rotting. so that came down. my "afternoon project" was getting a little more intensive...

many thanks to my wonderful hubby who isn't complaining and is doing majority of the work himself, since we don't have alot of overlapping time at home.

even if i dont get a totally new deck, i'm happy. but since the previous owners had it painted, we have to paint the whole thing too, instead of staining it like we would like. so i have to decide if i would like to stick with the off white that it is now, or maybe something a little different. i am thinking a light green. like sagey, not bright. i do have some restraint when it comes to colors!

*pic of brandt freaking out is not really related to this entry... its from a friend's wedding. i was taking pics after the ceremony, and he was bored. sitting alone. with a camera.


take your wife to work day!

ok, so its not an official day, but i did get to tag along with brandt 2 weeks ago! it was really fun. there were several times that i was worried that i would fall asleep (he works nights, and i had worked that day too) but i was a trooper and pulled through!

there's all sorts of stuff that i would like to tell, but i'm not sure how comfortable we are with posting the pics, and talking about his job. turns out not everyone is very fond of him and his colleagues, not personally of course. but it comes with the job!

and surprisingly, it IS boring sometimes! he comes home and i expect to get these exciting stories out of him... i'm always shocked when he says nothng interesting happened! now i see what he means... we had our fair share of down time.

if you are interested, there are a few pics (nothing exciting though) on myspace and fbook, but you have to be my friend to see them, they are private.



we got to go to 2 games in 7 days! on sunday we headed out to a texans game, and may i add, it was their first win of the season! the roof was open b/c it was damaged in the storm, but we were in the shade the whole time, so it was pretty nice.

then the following saturday, we headed to good ol aggieland! we got to hang out with m & c, which was great, and then go to the tech game on sat. which, unfortunatly, was not a win. although we weren't holding our breaths, it was a good game, until the last quarter.



ike pt 2

oops, i promised more pictures... here they are!
these are all from my parent's place:

the debris pile. taller than me, and thats before they cut up 4 trees!

tree on/through the roof! (after my dad cut the puncturing branches off)
you can tell the pines are holding it up.
the bark has been scraped off the pine farther up.
i dont want to know what would have happened had they not been there!

another view of the tree. its an oak, they said prob around 100 yrs old.
oh, and it weighed 4,500 lbs!!!

me! in the roof! yes, my eyes were closed.
but my mom couldn't tell that from the ground...