Feb 2010 (6 months)

ok, so here's what was going on in Feb, when G turned 6 months!

6 month pic

we started cereal!

he liked it a lot

but not as much as he liked the sweet potatoes a few days later!

he started sitting up on his own, the day after he turned 6 months

my grandparents came in from Michigan and got to meet their first great-grandchild :)

Love this pic, about to go check the mail on a crazy cold day, he was even wearing his mittens

then my aunt and cousins came to Texas too, and we all went to Kemah


me and Jen as Garrett went down his first slide!

we got him a swing, which he LOVES

I got an ergo carrier with my birthday money :)

first time swinging at the park

watching my cousins play video games

this is the onesie I gave Brandt when I told him I was pregnant

discovered Daddy's Aggie ring


For my 30th birthday we decided to go skydiving! G's even in his plane pj's for me :) (we did get him dressed later, we just got there really early)
We waited around for 4 hours and then had to leave, the weather wouldn't clear up enough for us to jump :(

here's a during pic! It was awesome!!!

So we came back the next weekend! Jen and Kyle after their jump

Me and Brandt after the jump


lets see if I can recommit to blogging

nope, your eyes are not deceiving you... I'm really posting again! I can't believe it says my last post was Jan 28th! Starting after Christmas, our internet would crap out for hours at a time, and since I couldn't read blogs, I rarely was in the mood to post. Then we switched providers, but had crappy hardware, so it wouldn't load pics, videos, or blogs. I couldn't even access Blogger w/o everything crashing. But now we are fixed, and have been for months, but I just didn't get back into blogging...

So... lets catch up! I'll do that slowly through the next week or so. Here's what's up now!

Me: We decided that I will be a stay at home mom for good! The original plan was to go back to work once Garrett was a year old, and although I was ok with that, I was d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g it! Although its tough on us, and at times stressful for Brandt to know that he is the sole provider for his family, we love the arrangement!
And I wouldn't put this on fbook, but this is my blog, and if I can't brag about myself here, where can I? I am maintaining 23 pounds BELOW my pre-preg weight! The other day it dipped to 26 pounds, but its def not consistent. I am so excited, I know my hard work is paying off! Mainly, I'm just trying to be active. We bike ride, go for a walk every day, sometimes run, and exercise.

Garrett! (Since yall are all here to read about him, not me lol) He will be a year old in like a week and a half. Wow... so we started purees (like jarred baby food) at 6 months. But I am proud to say he's only had jarred food once, I made alllll his food, and had a blast doing it! In fact, I was pretty bummed once he stopped eating them. Around 8-9 months we started with fingers foods and he took to it really quickly. By the middle of 9 months, no more purees! Our goal was to have him eat what we are eating, and in turn, we are eating better because of it. The only thing he hasn't tried of ours is pizza. Oh, and sweets. We are waiting for his birthday party smash cake for him to sample sugar and sweets! Right now fruit is his favorite, he just shovels it in his mouth. My whole family are big fruit eaters so I hope this sticks.

At 11 months we ditched the bottles, we'd been giving him his milk in cups inconsistantly for months, so it was a pretty easy switch. I was standing in Target staring at the bottle liners, and I was like, nope, I am tired of buying these! And speaking of milk, I pumped for 8 months! We had to supplement a bottle every few days starting at 6 months until I was only pumping a bottle a day so I decided to officially quit. My goal was to pump for 4 months (to cover the cost of the pump) so I was satisfied with 8 months :)

he started crawling on April 14th, so thats ummm 8 months. And 2 weeks later he started pulling up! A little after 10 months he started going from sitting to standing on his own, and now he walks all over with his walking toy or if you hold his hands. We've seen a lot of progress, before 11 months, he wasn't bending his legs when he walked, but now he is. And he goes all over from one piece of furniture to the next. He has a toy our neighbors let us borrow that he pushes and walks behind, and he is all over the place, unless he gets stuck on something. This past week he has taken a step on his own a few times, but we aren't counting it as his first step since he falls right away. Maybe he'll be walking by his birthday!

Oh his birthday, I am soooo excited for it! We have almost all the decorations done. I finished his onesie today that he will be wearing. Its nothing big or extravagant, we are having family and a few friends over to my in-laws.

I don't have any official stats, but I will in 2 weeks from his one year checkup! Based on our bathroom scale, he is just around 20 pounds! Last month we started wearing the 10 month clothes. And he's still firmly in the size 3 diapers, although I've been buying 4's when I stock up. We still use the carrier from the travel system for his carseat, but we'll prob install the convertible seat soon. (Rear facing!! Even if its legal, its way too risky to have little ones forward facing!)

Ok, I think thats enough for now! So here is what you have been waiting for:

11 month pics, standing outside

me and G, not the best pic, but I won't post anything older than this month yet!

happy standing man :)

new fave game, share dinner with the dogs!

yay milk in a cup!