Garrett's first bath!

it took forever, but Baby G's umbilical cord finally fell off at 6 weeks. So he got his first bath, and he LOVED it!

It was so much fun giving him a bath! He cooed and babbled the whole time, the most we've ever heard him "talk." And did you see those curls! They only show up when his hair is wet :) And as soon as he got in his comfy pj's he passed out. I guess getting a bath is hard work.


6 weeks old (better late than never!)

these pics were taken on the 17th

it was a little harder to get a good pic of him this time, he's getting squirmier!

he's getting so big! This was his last day in his newborn-sized clothes


5 weeks

yesterday my little man turned 5 weeks!

these are my fave pics:
its not the best picture, but it was a cute moment. I was sitting on the bed with Garrett while Brandt was getting ready for work, and Madi came and sat with us

Monday we went to Brandt's parent's house, and brought the dogs. They have been bumped from the back seat to the hatch now that Garrett is here. This is Nev pouting...

lets see, milestones this week?
Well, last night he slept in his crib instead of our room!
he did great. Honestly, I can't say he even noticed that he was in a different room and bed :)

I never posted this b/c I got busy...

but... we got this awesome gift the day before Garrett made his debut!

Erin, my (formerly) pregnant friend made it for us! We had nothing personalized since no one knew if we were having a Garrett or a Jacquelynn. It is super cute and matches the room perfectly!

and she has never seen his bedding in person! She's just that good.

It came in on Wed, and I immediatly hung it up on the door. I was supposed to take pictures for her then, but decided to wait till Thurs. And then I went into labor... I guess Garrett was just waiting on his sign :)

homemade gifts rock!

We got the most amazing quilt in the mail yesterday! Our friend Mary made it for Garrett, and it is beautiful!

its even beagle-approved

here's a close up. She used 2 different cop fabrics, and all these bright colors, LOVE IT!

thank you Mary!


1 month old!

Sunday, my little man turned a month old!

I can't believe its been a month already! eek!


4 weeks old

(this post is from Thursday, Sept 3)
Garrett turned 4 weeks!

that looks like 22 to me!
2 weeks ago he was 20 inches,
of course, the dr is a bit more accurate

and for anyone that knows Brandt, you know he LOVES Batman. So I couldn't pass up this shirt when I found it, even though it is 18 months... we'll save it for him.
He looks like he likes is!

Milestones (if you want to call them that) this week:
he's holding his head up a ton! His great grandma (Nana) swears he's the strongest baby she's ever held, but she could be impartial.
he moved up a diaper size! No more newborn size
But he's still in newborn clothes. His dresser is overflowing with 0-3 month sized stuff, so I can't wait to get to those (and the overalls!)

and for my fave pic of the week:

tummy time!
This always gives us the funniest pictures! I'll prob make a tummy time post (eventually, at the rate I'm going!)