April/ 8 months

the beginning of April brought Easter!

more lazy outside days

playing football

the best aunts

(yes, he did that on his own!)

hockey playoffs!

an awesome tunnel to crawl through

first time "swimming" on his splash pad

and his first bike ride!

March/ 7 months

So here's what we missed from March...

Jen is on a Houston Rodeo committee, so one day that she was working, we took Garrett to his first Rodeo!

he LOVED the petting zoo!


so excited!

so tired :)

we spent a LOT of time outside

St Patty's day

with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jen

rolling rolling rolling

first balloon!

first time at Lupe. In one week the kid ate fajitas from Lupe Tortilla, Cyclone Anayas and Chuys. We should have started him on the cheap stuff lol

me and Jen at the rodeo to see...

AWESOME concert, so much fun!

he learned to fly!


you know whats emabarrassing?

When you finally get to go and get a haircut, but as they are washing your hair you remember that you went swimming yesterday. With a hat on. And didn't comb your hair afterwards. Or wash your hair that night. Oops.

And then the lady cutting my hair was combing it out and her comb snapped in half. Embarrassing.