you waited almost 2 months for this??

well thanks to the demands of someone, i am finally updating!
(thanks for the push!)

i haven't updated in forever, b/c, well, nothing exciting has happened. at least not house related. we kind of came to a standstill with the unpacking/setting things up. as in, the 2 extra bedrooms are still piles of boxes. thats not to say i am doing nothing, i have put up curtains, hated them, taken them down, change them up, take them down again, and finally decided that blinds are the way to go (curtains are just too foofy apparently)

and then theres the constant weeding/yard work.

we don't even have flower beds anymore, they are more like weed-beds, with the occasional flower. speaking of, we got our first HOA threat letter saying that we needed to weed our front flower beds. i promise it was on my to do list anyway, that just made me bump it a little higher.

it wasnt till i looked through my camera though that i realized that we have done alot in the past month and a half! here it is in pictures,
since they speak a thousand words:

i removed 15 feet of mint plants from the side of the house. thats a lot of mint. like a big garbage bag worth. i read online that they are worse than weeds to get rid of. in my quest to make our yard less minty fresh though, i made 2 giant friends. like 3 inches tall, each!

brandt finished probation (yay!) and we went out
(he wasn't allowed to drink in public during the academy and probation)

brandt with his first drink ~ kyle with his girly beer

jen with her beer samplers
(why none of me? i was the dd, and the camera person)

brandt was on tv!

several astros games:

and we got a sunburn to go with the win

brandt learned he loved crab legs,
and also learned how to make them himself!


bachelorette party:


the best man speech,
i married quite the public speaker!

luke's awesome groom's cake

and my amazing in-laws!

the other mr & mrs owens!

ohh, and just this week, my amazing hubby sent me flowers
at work just to say thank you for being a good wife :)

i guess that's it for now... i promise to be better with updating!