bye bye blogger

well, I'm finally admitting to myself that I am not an avid blogger. I want to be, I haven't been putting as much on fbook and I want to share things, but I get on here and the edit box is tiny and its hard to put up a lot of pictures at once and there's so much blank space and I rarely have much to say.

So I switched! Tumblr seems more my style. Short, simple, to the point.


so bookmark it, add it to your google reader, whatever. I promise promise promise to be better about blogging.

this one will stay here so I can look back at myself during my pregnancy with Garrett. And cringe. Did I really take all those pics with my belly hanging out? lol. Will I do it again this time? Maybe. We'll see...


April/ 8 months

the beginning of April brought Easter!

more lazy outside days

playing football

the best aunts

(yes, he did that on his own!)

hockey playoffs!

an awesome tunnel to crawl through

first time "swimming" on his splash pad

and his first bike ride!

March/ 7 months

So here's what we missed from March...

Jen is on a Houston Rodeo committee, so one day that she was working, we took Garrett to his first Rodeo!

he LOVED the petting zoo!


so excited!

so tired :)

we spent a LOT of time outside

St Patty's day

with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jen

rolling rolling rolling

first balloon!

first time at Lupe. In one week the kid ate fajitas from Lupe Tortilla, Cyclone Anayas and Chuys. We should have started him on the cheap stuff lol

me and Jen at the rodeo to see...

AWESOME concert, so much fun!

he learned to fly!


you know whats emabarrassing?

When you finally get to go and get a haircut, but as they are washing your hair you remember that you went swimming yesterday. With a hat on. And didn't comb your hair afterwards. Or wash your hair that night. Oops.

And then the lady cutting my hair was combing it out and her comb snapped in half. Embarrassing.


Feb 2010 (6 months)

ok, so here's what was going on in Feb, when G turned 6 months!

6 month pic

we started cereal!

he liked it a lot

but not as much as he liked the sweet potatoes a few days later!

he started sitting up on his own, the day after he turned 6 months

my grandparents came in from Michigan and got to meet their first great-grandchild :)

Love this pic, about to go check the mail on a crazy cold day, he was even wearing his mittens

then my aunt and cousins came to Texas too, and we all went to Kemah


me and Jen as Garrett went down his first slide!

we got him a swing, which he LOVES

I got an ergo carrier with my birthday money :)

first time swinging at the park

watching my cousins play video games

this is the onesie I gave Brandt when I told him I was pregnant

discovered Daddy's Aggie ring


For my 30th birthday we decided to go skydiving! G's even in his plane pj's for me :) (we did get him dressed later, we just got there really early)
We waited around for 4 hours and then had to leave, the weather wouldn't clear up enough for us to jump :(

here's a during pic! It was awesome!!!

So we came back the next weekend! Jen and Kyle after their jump

Me and Brandt after the jump