we are living in a maze of boxes...

well, honestly it is not that bad. we didn't have a good experience with movers. granted, it meant less work and no knuckles getting slammed into doorways while lugging furniture around. but it was really strange to have someone else's hands all over our stuff with no regard. i quit watching when i saw them heave our new suede couch into the truck and then flip it so it was standing on its armrest, and scoot it to the back.

one of the movers had a horrible attitude! what did he think he was going to do when he got to work that day, bake cookies? take a nap? you work for a moving company! so in order to speed up the process, brandt jumped in and helped with the loading. (i gave them gatorade, that counts right? even if it was the gross lemon-lime pee flavor.) however, the movers were getting grumpier so brandt finally just stopped them and was like, lets just go. so off they went to the new house, where i was waiting, along with our mini-zoo.

once there, it was just easier to tell them to put everything in the front room, aka future game room, since we have no furniture for it yet. my labels that i made and stuck all over my boxes were in vain i guess, b/c they didn't seem to show any interest in sorting my boxes out by room and delivering them there for me. *sigh*

once again, brandt was there helping unload and got them out of there super quickly. left behind for us to move: our big boxy tv's, (our bank account hasn't let us convert to the light flat screens yet), the elliptical, the Christmas tree, and several other less bulky items.

so here's what we were up against:

here's the view when standing on a chair!
good thing we don't have cable yet...
we aren't going to have free time for awhile!


painting day!

we got in there before the big move and did some painting! thanks to
mom jen kyle and of course brandt! and my dad who supervised
(aka walked around and watched) *these are from sat 4/19*

the first stoke of paint!

jennifer's wall


(the white dots aren't really there... not sure what was happening)

taping in the bathroom:

my screen installer/window frame cleaner
fyi: he works for bbq, i'll get you his number if you want to hire him

off of the living room, where our comp desk will go, when we get one

oops i didn't take a pic w/o the tape... but you get the idea


not so bright IRL... and looks great with our couch, as soon
as the boxes are gone (never, it feels like) i'll post pics!

master bed & bath done:
bath is a darker shade of the bedroom turquoise

and just for fun...

don't lean against the wet paint!


closing pics!
sorry they are so tiny... that's how i got them in the email

thats just one signature of maybe 100... i've never signed my name so many times before!!


its ours!

so we closed monday, and we met the former owner of the house. she was amazing! she and her brother did all the work on the house themselves (he is a contractor) and she loved it so much she is "retiring" from being a social worker and is going to start up her own business decorating and renovating! amazing! (and i'm jealous!) she took the time to go through the house explaining everything, why they did this, how this works etc... and then through the whole yard and went over *every* plant and what they were/how to take care of them. brandt looked a bit bored, but i enjoyed it!

so saturday we are heading in to start painting! we aren't doing a whole lot, just a wall here and there to add some color. pictures will be up soon!

oh, and so cute... she brought a camera to the closing and got pics of us signing the papers, since its our first house :) those will be up to as soon as i get them!

happy weekend everyone!


our soon-to-be home!

here it is! we are supposed to be closing on the 15th, but that could change i've been told...

don't judge this book by its cover, the inside is totally unexpected, based on what the exterior looks like...

(note: none of the furniture is ours)

this is a view from the front living room towards the entryway

heres the kitchen from the back living room. i LOVE that the walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling!

and heres the back living room with a bright view of the backyard. there's a covered porch out there!

if you are interested, here's the link to the rest!