my tree!

here's what i did yesterday!
its not 100% done, still needs some touch-ups


t-minus 2 months and counting

thats right! yesterday was june 23rd, so that means the baby is due 2 months from yesterday! wow...

and now, welcome to my virtual baby shower!

i did bring my camera, but all i got was pics of the cakes lol, my mom brought hers, so all the pics of me and gifts ended up on her camera. so i'll just take things off the internet!

lamb swing from jen and my mom
the first time we set foot in BRU jen found this and has been demanding that i pick this for the baby. not only is it super cute, but i keep hearing from other moms that their baby's love it! so i added it, and she promptly bought it :)

convertable carseat from my MIL
funny story, she bought it, but the box was HUGE and wouldn't fit in her truck or through her back door. so she had to call me to come to target and pick it up from here, and then luke got it from me at work and brought it home to her a few days later.
you can't really tell, but the texture of the grey fabric is paisley, really cute! and it fits a kiddo up to 100 lbs, so i could have used it up until highschool. lol i think jen tried to fit into it in the store, but it doens't take hips into account lol

highchair from michigan family!
i loved this b/c its 4 in 1! the site explains it better than me: "The Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System that converts from a highchair to an infant feeding booster to a toddler booster to a youth chair."

from kyle's mom, she will never let our baby forget that he or she is an aggie baby!
(btw, she made it all, well not the original onsie, but she did the embroidery, as well as the bib and the entire bear!)

and here's the back of the onsie. i'm going to request that she makes one in each size so we always have this one on hand :)

pack 'n play! this was from his aunt sheree. she didn't want to lug it to the shower, so it got shipped to the house, so i took pics to show her. i love the colors and especially the birdies on it!

on to the bedding! well, the bumpers were a bit too long, so my mom took them back home to shorten them. i should have them back this weekend? then there will be pics. so here's a sneak preview!

the baby quilt

bed skirt

the chair cushions and cover for the ottoman
its a glider ottoman, so by putting your feet up on that, it rocks the chair! genius! we found it at a garage sale, it was white with duckies on it. cute, but not matching. so she made the cute cover!

of course, there were more things that i got, diapers, bottles, clothes, blankets, blankets, blankets, and the cutest bath towels and wash cloths. but i figured this was enough for now :)


travel system ordered!

blogger hasn't been wanting to let me make any posts, and now that i've got it figured out, its about time to go home from work. so i'll save the shower post for tomorrow!

brandt's grandparents wanted to get us something "big" for the baby, but his gma just had knee surgery, and his gpa hurt his leg, so they couldn't carry anything heavy, so they gave us money at the shower to pick something out!

luckily, we've been trying to figure out how we will get our travel system... we of course picked out an obscure color that no one seems to carry. so we couldn't register for it. but since we had the money from them, we could order from anywhere, and finally, last night i found someone that had it in stock!

here it is:
chicco cortina in manhattan
(navy & orange)

yay! and i was so excited that i found it and to get it ordered, i didn't read the stuff underneath the picture. apparently, with this model only, you got a free infant carrier!
wow! it was $50... so that was a cool surprise! after the order went through and i went back to look b/c i *thought* i saw the word FREE somewhere... so that was a pleasant surprise! i can't wait to get it all!


sorry, no pics :(

well, the mural is all drawn!

surprisingly, it didn't take near as long as i thought... although jen had to come over to finish the top for me (i'm not allowed on ladders)

i tried several times with different settings and lighting to get a picture of it, but its too light on the wall. i guess yall will just have to wait till we start painting! as badly as i wanted to start tonight, i will have to wait... most of the paint is trapped in the cabinet that is blocked by things too heavy for me to move (b is working overtime, so he can't help)

oh well

pics soon, i promise!


its here! its here!

so yesterday was furniture delivery day! and its gorgeous!

i couldn't really remember what all it was going to look like, we looked at so many sets that day. in fact, when i called to actually order it, the set i wanted was sold out. so this was the second choice, although it was the set we liked best (price played an issue in having it ranked second.)

the delivery people were supposed to be there between 10am and 1pm. no problem, yeah, they would wake brandt up, but it was his day off, so he doesn't normally sleep all day anyways.

here's the nightstand! i was shocked to see it, b/c i was under the impression that we ordered the small, 3-drawer dresser. i guess that's what happens when you order over the phone. but its cute, and more practical in the long run. i double checked with the paperwork, and yup, it says i ordered the nightstand. i'm ok with that though.

the crib! (different angles make the paint color look different. for example, the rug is totally not the same color as the wall, in person at least) it's a convertible crib, so when the baby is more of a toddler, we can take the front piece off, and lower the mattress, and its a kiddy day bed! theres a side rail too, to keep the kiddo from rolling out and onto the floor. and maybe to keep bealges out... we'll see. and then when the baby/kiddo outgrows the daybed, it converts into a full sized bed! the back and front pieces of the crib become the headboard/footboard (footboard... is that the right word?) and we have the rails to use for the sides of the bed. all we need to get is a mattress!

around 1pm i got a call from the delivery guys saying that they left us the wrong mattress. so they came and picked it up and swapped it out. ours was nicer, so i'm glad they caught that! (its double sided? one side is firm, for crib/baby, and the other is more comfy, for daybed/toddler. fancy, i know... this kid is spoiled already!) and of course, that meant waking brandt up again :(

and now this is the dresser/hutch/changing table!
the hutch actually didn't get loaded on the truck, so the guys had to make a third trip to our house. they said between 6 and 7pm. (which really ended up being 9:40! i didn't care, its not like we were going to use it all tonight, but the delivery guys wouldn't take any payment until we had it all. the warehouse is in stafford, so thats well over an hour drive.) its dark in the pic, but it has 3 dresser drawers, and small drawer on the right, and then a cabinet under that. the hutch actually has another shelf that goes in it, but you aren't supposed to have it in if you are using it as a changing table too. so for now, it will be put in the closet, with all the bed rails.

so next up is moving the rocking chair back into the room. (not hard, but its blocked into a corner in the other room, and i can't lift it) and then to paint my mural! yay!


the lowes paint guy said this was a happy color :)

saturday was painting day! here's a before and after:

pouring paint

aunt jen and uncle kyle, our painting crew

us, with the first bit of paint on the wall

the smily face from aunt jen

puppies, once they realized they could hear/see us through the screen

hard at work. they actually did most of it

another after shot

madi decided to help
actually, she got into the paint trays that we set outside when we were done

we let the guys do the room while we worked on other projects. but no pics of that stuff just yet.
furniture comes wednesday! yay!


30 weeks!

30 weeks down, that means only 10 to go!
its crazy to think that i'm already 3/4 of the way through...

as much as i do not love being pregnant, there are some things that i will miss. for example, elastic waist pants are great! no zippers or buttons... i dont think i will be giving those up too easily. also, never having to worry about sucking in! for pictures or when wearing a swimsuit before, i would try to appear as skinny as possible. now, it doesn't matter! no pressure! also, what will i look at online once the baby comes? i wont need to obsess over bottles or travel systems or cloth diapers vs disposables... of course, i prob won't have as much time to kill online at that point either.
most of all, i will miss feeling this little guy (girl?) moving around. its sort of cool to know that all i need to do is lay down or drink a dr pepper or something really cold, and *bam* dance party time!

here's this mornings pics... i like the front belly shot too, its funny to me how there are lines defining my bump, like its just stuck on, not a natural curve to my body. this may not make any sense to anyone other than me and brandt, since he hears me talking about my bump as i stare at it in the full lengh mirror. its just so weird, i can't help but stare!

How far along? 30 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: no clue anymore. dr doesnt want her patients to worry, doesn't talk about weight. less than 20 lb though, i know that
Maternity clothes? ha!
Stretch marks? nope, should i htank taryn and her gift of belly butter?
Sleep: can't sleep one night, the next night i will sleep awesomely. repeat.
Best moment this week: hearing that the furniture is in!
Movement: all the time
Food cravings: all of the sudden this week, eating way less than normal.
Gender: dont know, dont care
Labor Signs: naope
Belly Button in or out? still an innie *fingers crossed* that it stays that way
What I miss: mexican food, had to give it up
What I am looking forward to: my next shower!
Weekly Wisdom: dont wait too long to get stuff done! my 12 weeks to get the room ready turned into 6!
Milestones: lots of people feeling the baby

speaking of the baby room, we went and got paint last night!
here's the swatch card i made online with all our colors:

the top color is going to be the color of the whole room. its showing up dark on my computer, but that may just be this screen. its a tiffany/robin's egg blue.

then i plan on doing a fun little mural on the wall, using the other colors, matched from the bedding. well, and the brown, its not in the bedding. we lucked out too, b/c the only other color we needed to buy was the deep turquoise, the other colors we already have in the house somewhere.

so thats what i'll be doing tomorrow afternoon! i can't wait! i love painting anyways, plus its for the baby, so thats cool. when brandt wakes up, we will get started. my mom, his mom, and jen will all be there to help too. we will prob get the taping and stuff out of the way while he's sleeping though. thats my least favorite part.

oh, and here's a random observation, my right ankle is swollen! i hadn't had any swelling yet (phew) and it seems so odd that its only on one side. but after sitting here with my feet propped up on my desk for an hr or so, its almost gone. weird! its pretty comfortable though, and i'm sure i look quite professional, so i may sit like this more often :)



so i got a call yesterday afternoon saying that the baby furniture is in! that was fast! esp since they said it could be up to 12 weeks, and it only took 6, to the day!
so, they wanted to schedule delivery for thursday, but this weekend is when we are painting! but the guy was cool, he said they could hold it a week. so next wed, between 10am and 1pm, we will have baby furniture! i'm so excited!

shower #1

shower #1 was thrown by my favorite sister!
we had it at their house, it was a couple's shower, complete with beer, fire (bbq) and cake. and steak. hey, we had to get the guys there somehow, right?

me and brandt (and baby!)

the table with the diaper cake, real cake and munchie foods! the blue things on the top rack in the middle are actually cake pops that jen made! they were delish, but unfortunatly, we didn't get a good pic of them.

a birdie that mom and jen made! they stayed up till midnight the weekend before making all these guys. i LOVE them!

make your own shish-kabobs!

jalapeno, all dressed up for the shower

brandt with his "daddy toolbelt" that jen made

mom-to-be and aunt jen

this was taken for my mom. my belly!

decorated banister

and her decorated chandalier!

it was so much fun and the baby got so much stuff!
click here for the rest of jen's pics
and here for melissa's!


happy belated birthday hub!

last week was brandt's birthday!
(may 27th)

unfortunately, it was also the same day that we had to venture to college station for a funeral. the church was packed (i am guessing) because, even though we got there 30 minutes early, there were tons of people standing outside. we ended up stay outside too, there had to have been 200 of us out there. b-co (their corps outfit) had quite a turnout, and, even with the sad circumstances, it was great seeing people that we hadn't seen in a year. on the plus side, not being able to see/hear anything going on for the funeral made it not as depressing.

'06 at pj's work

us under the century tree!
baby's first trip to aggieland?

anyone else loving the cop-'stach?
(it's gone now)

part of my gift to him, it included a matching AC-DC shirt for him. i couldn't resist after finding that onsie!

i made him this yummy cake
devil's food with peanut butter icing and then crumbled reeses cups on top. it was delish! and yes, from scratch, i don't think they sell pb icing.

from his dad. technically, its for work.
but in reality, does anyone really *need* a semi-automatic? but, how many people do you know that can bring tatical rifles to work?

all i can say is, burglers, beware. don't break into our house.
obviously, this was his favorite gift

29 weeks!

in an attempt to make up for my lack of a 28 week post...

i had brandt take this of me... man i am getting big!