week by week/week 11

so every friday i begin another week of my pregnancy. i found these online and thought they were pretty cool!

here's a rundown of where we've been:

poppy seed

apple seed

sweet pea




prune (eww!)

and now, for this week!

a lime!

have a great weekend everyone!


by popular request, i'll post this on my blog :)

2 weeks ago i found several crib bedding sets that i liked. so i was trying to show brandt. (his first response, "show me once you have narrowed it down."
ummm 4 is narrowed down, dear. there are thousands!

so he looked at them and after 10 seconds knocked two of them out. no big deal, i wasn't set on either one of the two.

forward to this week, i have 2 that i love
(see post below)

so that afternoon when i got home, i put both pictures side by side in a word document, and asked him what he preferred, the deer or the patterns.

he looked at them for a minute and then he goes,
"i don't like the white one. "

ummm huh? there is no "white" one.

so i asked him to be more specific, and he said,
"well, i like the wood one better."

then it kind of clicks.
"you are looking at the cribs!?"

and he said, "well, yeah. the price is $200,
what else would it be for?"


so i asked, "is that how you eliminated the first two?
based on the cribs?!"


really, i should have figured it out. when he was looking at the first batch, he pointed out that he didn't like the one set b/c the crib in the picture had a side removed (in order to show off the bedding better)
he was like, "we can't pick this one b/c the baby would fall out!"

ugh... guys!


i may be a little early here...

but i am excited! you can't blame me!

we have bedding down to two!

Babylicious Islands:
(and if its a girl, we can totally add a little hot pink in there)


Kidsline Willow

ugh decisions!


we are having a baby!

so here's how we found out. i was 3 days late, but i was scared to test! every month i had convinced myself that maybe *this* was my lucky month, and had always been dissapointed. it sounds silly, but i could never wait to see if i was going to be late or not, i would always test the day before. well, in december, i just had this feeling, i just sorta knew that i was pregnant. no sickness, just a feeling. so that friday night we were about to eat dinner and i just decided to go test then. even though you are supposed to do it in the morning (less chance of any hormones getting dilluded from whatever you have been drinking) i decided to risk it. i had a digital test that came in my box of ovulation predictors. and after a minute or so of blinking, this is what i saw:whoop! so excited! so i went running out to the living room and told brandt to wait a second, i had a present for him. he was already sorta irritated b/c he was waiting on me to eat, and the food was getting cold, and now i had a present that couldn't wait!

so i came in and handed him this!
he opened the bag and pulled it out and just sorta looked at it all confused. he was like, what does this mean? so then i showed him the test and yay! we got all excited. he kept asking if i was sure. so i suggested that we run to the store and grab another test just to confirm. but of course, after we ate. well, he ate. i wasn't hungry at that point.

so after a trip to walmart to get another test, we had another confirmation! no waiting 3 minutes for the line to show up, it was there immediatly, both before and darker than the control line. nice.

so here's me with my pee sticks:

and here is us:

and here's a "before" belly pic
(note: i do not posses abs of steel)

the next night i spilled the beans and told jen and kyle w/o him (oops!)
so two nights later we went out to dinner so that we could celebrate.

the first baby gift, from aunt jen!
the waitress overheard us, so when we ordered desserts, she made them special for us:

so thats my story!
and yes, i promise to be better at updating this thing. i only started it to share this type of news, we just had to wait till we had news to share!


our good news!

ok i'm gonna skip attempting to catch up with Christmas etc for now and announce our good news! we are expecting!

meet baby owens:



*sorry everyone. i promise, i've started this post at least 5 times and worked on it for over a week. i had way too many pictures to post though, and with the small window they give you to work in, it was just too time consuming! so here's the much shorter post!

this trip was a Christmas gift to all of us from our in-laws! thank you so very, very much!

as a surprise (that was spoiled a few months early due to a few too many margaritas) we flew first class! it was crazy, they took our jackets and hung them up,  we got free headphones (i think they are $5 in coach) and our food came on real plates with cloth napkins and everything. fancy! on the ride home we were on a really big plane, i couldn't even kick the seat in front of me, and our seats reclined and had leg rests. nice...

so we got there friday around lunch time! it had snowed up until the day we got there, and we did see some snow on the ground (but not on the strip) and snowmen in people's yards. so it was pretty cold! we stayed at the wynn:

it was very fancy!
staying there, plus taking a limo from the airport (taxis legally can't carry more than 5 passengers, we wouldn't have fit) and flying first class, made us feel like we were imposters!

the highlight of the trip (for me!) was sat night. it was almost midnight and me, brandt, luke and katy were all playing slots and *bam!* i won $900!!!!

my cash!

here's a group shot!
the next morning we had to leave :(
but 2 1/2 days there was plenty, i think we were all ready to come home!

if you are interested in the rest of the pics... they are here!