cloth diapers

I've been asked to share our adventures with cloth diapers, so here goes!

When I was pregnant I was interested in cloth diapers, but we weren't sure if thats the route that we wanted to take or not. There are reasons not to, its different, therefore scary, its messy, its not the norm... plus its just more work. And you have to handle poop.

We got so many diapers from showers and my in-laws that there was no point in not using them. We are getting to the point now though that we are having to buy diapers. Its roughly $70 a month for G's diapers, and once I realized that, I knew it was time to try out the cloth diapers.

They came in today, so I'll post our adventures with them. We only have 4-ish diapers, so we aren't fully converted, mainly just trying to see which brand/styles we like best. They have to be washed several times before being used, so they are currently being washed again. And again.

There were three brands that I wanted to try:
Softbums (good for chunky legged babies)
bumGenius (brand that everyone I know uses)
Fuzzibunz (the one I haven't bought yet)

at the moment the Softbums are our favorites, at least before use. They are two-in-ones... they have a waterproof cover and each one comes with 3 snap in inserts, along with a soaker. So when we change him, the cover is still fine, we just snap in a new insert.

I'll let you know how it goes once we get them on the kiddo!


I'm a little behind, here's Christmas!

I hadn't been posting b/c I was waiting on the time to get this one posted. Here are our Christmas pics... so this will be long!

playing in his bumbo on Jen's counter while Mom, Jen & I have our Christmas cookie making party

playing with an ornament in his cute Christmas onesie from Aunt Cheryl!

another shot of the onesie :)

Christmas Eve Eve - dinner and Christmas lights

at Buca. This is my fave pic ever of the two of them!

their side of the table


Jen (in her cute boots!) walking around the Christmas light place with G

after looking at lights

Christmas Eve party at Gary & Rhonda's. For some reason I didn't take any other pics!

Now Christmas morning:

Christmas morning! Opening his present. Although it was more to shove the tissue paper in his mouth than it was to see what was inside :)

more presents with Daddy

He got a Sophie! his favorite thing to chew on! Well, second to his fingers

not sure about this puppy, it knows his name!

opening gifts wears out a baby!

his Christmas PJ's

from here we crashed the Barron's Christmas breakfast that was at Jen & Kyles. But I didn't bring my camera in.

Then we headed to B's grandparent's house

playing with Papa

all the guys playing with the little man

5 generations!
There is another picture somewhere of 5 generations where Brandt is the baby! I hope it turns up

all the guys

playing with Mimi & Papa

then we were off to my parent's house!
(with a pit stop at Mimi & Papa's for a nap. I may have taken one with him lol)

the best present: dinosaur ball pit from Jen & Kyle!

playing with the dinosaur :)


can you find the baby??

ball pit

happy baby!

hope yall had a wonderful Christmas!
I saw this today and thought I'd share. I refer to B all the time as a superhero, but I know he never feels that way himself.

Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God."