bottomless stomach

about once a week i have a bottomless stomach sort of day. it happens to be today this time! the rest of the week i eat 3 meals and maybe a snack. on bottomless stomach days i would say i more graze all day long :) thats between meals, of course.

my cough is for the most part gone! my ob recommended pepsid ac. i thought she was crazy. what does acid reflux have to do with coughing?! alot, apparently. i even had a friend email me and tell me that pepsid is what she took during her pregnancy. so once i started taking it correctly (umm, i should have read the box. taking it twice a day, morning and evening, does nothing. apparently you should take it 15-60 minutes before eating) i started to notice a difference within days! my regular dr explained it to me, claiming that since my stomach and guts are all squished, that the stomach acid can come back up without me noticing. so thank you doctors, and thank you becky!

(also, if i forget to take it and the coughs sneak back up, i have figured out that taking it late does do some help too!)

oh, and i was injured! i mentioned before (i think) that i kept pulling muscles in my back while in the midst of my evil coughing fits. well, last wednesday here at work, i sort of did this semi-cough-throat-clearing noise and *pop* there it goes again. ughhhhh. so it was a little sore but nothing that a little tylenol couldn't help.
well at some point in the middle of that night, more specifically around 5am, i guess i rolled over or turned or did a backflip in my sleep and did something way worse to my back that i had earlier. i woke up with my whole back spasming and tensing up. and in pain. alot of pain. and i couldn't take a deep breath. i was more freaked out by not being able to breath than the pain, and after a few minutes was in tears b/c i couldn't figure out what to do. fortunately, brandt was off that night and home, although he was staying up all night. he actually heard me in the middle of my hyperventilating panic attack (ok, i may be exaggerating) and came in to see what was wrong. not that i could talk. and then there were beagles who had jumped up on the bed to comfort me. licking beagles. well, after he calmed me down and convinced me that i could in fact, breath, things got better.
i stayed home from work that day since sitting caused me pain. i spent the whole day laying on the couch, trying to find an ok position. my ob prescribed me some muscle relaxers, so i did do alot of sleeping. so i had a very unproductive 4 day weekend last week! it wasn't till yesterday that i started feeling normal again. thank goodness.

oh, and dr says i can't lift over 10 lbs for the rest of the pregnancy.
thats not much!

so, the baby! this week it's a girl! yay! don't get too excited though, b/c next week she will be a he! that's our solution, for now. better than constantly referring to the baby as "it." so we just alternate he/him and she/her weekly. it works. and hopefully the kid won't have any sort of issues...

i have been feeling the baby move since about week 17 or so, but i wasn't ever convinced that it was for sure the baby. (i'd rather be happily surprised than disappointed.) i made a comment on my 20 week post that i can't wait for brandt to be able to feel a kick! well, that came true the next day!!! i was laying down and he put his hand on my stomach and we waited a few minutes. i felt something, but, still not convinced that it was the baby, just waited, breath held, to see if anything was strong enough to be felt from "the outside." well, one was, i had been watching b's face, and whoa did his expression change!!! so i knew that i wasn't crazy, this was the baby, and he could feel it too!!! yay! i think i was more excited than him, but thats ok. now i am feeling "her" alot more consistently. it's pretty cool. and there's a list of people waiting for their turn to feel, but baby isn't cooperating. plus jen, i tend to see you mostly while we are shopping, and i think people would give us weird looks...

i swear i had more to talk about...

but since i am drawing a blank, i will end this blog post for now. and prob go browse through the kitchen here one last time before i head home...


aggie baby

a few weeks ago when we were crib shopping/looking i came across these. my mom convinced me that i could find them cheaper online (and i did) and they came in today!

sooooo teeny tiny! we will be taking these to the hospital for the baby to wear. they are newborn sized, so we probably won't get much use out of them, but thats ok. that's not the point!

so stinking cute!

baby freebie

for all the mommies and mommies to be!

free sample of Huggies Pure and Natural diapers
can't hurt, right?


22 weeks!

wow, sometime this week i got a bump!
i think i have officially crossed over into the "yup, she's pregnant" phase.

i have to mention the jeans. i have been mainly in maternity jeans, but i still have 3 prs that fit. after wearing the (comfy) maternity jeans all week, they were dirty, so i was like, whatever, i'll just wear these. well, they may be fine for standing up, but once i've been sitting for any significant amount of time, ohmygees just kill me now! talk about uncomfortable! so once i get home, the remaining 3 prs of b4b jeans (before baby) will be going in a box, along with all the other clothes that i have tossed in there that are no longer appropriate/fitting since being pregnant.

ahh the b4b box... i decided to start it the other night when brandt was working overtime. i was tired of going through my closet every morning sorting through the clothes that i can't wear anymore. so i got the brilliant idea of trying them all on and seeing what still worked. (this was mainly tops, all i really have for bottoms are jeans) so after 30 minutes i was crying and upset b/c i have this belly and nothing fits and i'm fat and alone and sad and oh, did i mention hormonal?

*note: i know i'm not fat. i'm pregnant. and have only gained 8 lbs. i am doing great. theres just something pitiful about trying on too tight shirts in front of a full length mirror that just pushed me over the edge briefly.

so i pull my phone out of my pocket to call hub and have him tell me that he loves me and i'm indeed, not fat. of course, it slips out of my hand and hits the tile floor and the screen shatters.

so now i'm:
1) hormonaly crying like a baby
2) pretty peeved that i broke my phone. which won't turn on

thankfully i have a backup phone, and i got it activated. after i calmed down, of course. so all is well.

and brandt still loves me, and we both laughed at my meltdown.
but, i now have an easier time of getting dressed in the morning!
(and, my wardrobe, or lack thereof, looks pathetic. so i doubt brandt would mind if i picked up a few things...)

so have a laugh at my expense. i still am :)

now onto our regularly scheduled programming:

How far along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 8lb gain
Maternity clothes? more often than not. see above
Stretch marks? nope. (thankyouGod)
Sleep: not enough! my cough hasn't helped
Best moment this week: brandt has felt the baby!
Movement: definatly! pretty often too
Food cravings: i would love a DQ dipped cone!
Gender: i'll go with boy this time
Labor Signs: please, keep labor far away
Belly Button in or out? innie, but not as deep anymore :(
What I miss: sleeping on my back! and my stomach.
What I am looking forward to: the summer!
Weekly Wisdom: just b/c something fits standing up, doesn't mean it will once you sit down
Milestones:def brandt feeling the baby kick!-


5 months!

well from here on out, they quit showing my baby as the food of the week, its now the food of the month! and this month its a papaya! i'll have to check one out at the store, but from what i recall, they are pretty big!

i still can't believe i'm starting my 5th month.


so, here's the view from here:
i took that just now. (colleen, miss that carpet? lol)
and i may have pushed it out just a tad to make my belly a little rounder :) pretty soon i'm sure i will be sucking it in trying to make myself look smaller!

and here's my latest find, from this weekend:
its pretty hard to find cop stuff, but there's always a ton of firetrucks! so i was excited to see this! there was also a matching outfit, but it was very "boy" and since we don't know yet... i settled on the bib!

and happy belated Easter everyone!
we had plans, but ended up bailing, since it was an all day event that required an hour traveling each way, and brandt had a ton of school work to do.

have i mentioned that he is working on his masters? go babe! i'm so proud of him. working full time (and then some) and going to school and going to be a daddy. and still helping out around the house. and going to the gym. and helping cook dinner. and still making time to hang out with me. i wonder when he sleeps!

anyways, with all his reading to do (that was online, so not travel-friendly) we decided to stay at home. it was a bummer, since it was the first time there has been a holiday and we, or i rather, havne't spent any time with family. but i did get to attempt my first "holiday meal"!

we aren't big ham people, so i got a tiny one, yeah, it was pre-cooked and pre-sliced, but thats ok. i made it more festive with the fruit. plus the sides! it was pretty good too, i must say.

so i guess that's about it! happy tax day, and happy early bday karma!



so now we are in our 21st week (20w, 4d)
and this week baby is about as long as: a banana!

i had a dr's appt this morning, and she said that the last ultrasound looked great, and all the bloodwork i had done a few weeks ago (quad screen) came back all negative/normal. so yay!

she also suggested trying pepsid ac for my cough, b/c it could be caused by acid reflux? sounds odd to me, since i haven't had any problems that i've noticed, but its been over 5 weeks, i'll try anything!

last night was the season opener for the astros!
i was going to wear something flowy (the word i used to use was frumpy, but now that that's what i am limited to, i say flowy) but after shopping with jen this weekend, she has been encouraging me to wear more fitted stuff. i will, once i have past that "is she or isn't she" stage... well, brandt thought it looked good too, so i wore my usual astros shirt, belly and all.
(i will take this moment to (brag) mention that i designed this shirt! when i worked at red oak, i had them print it for me!)

at home, i felt cute. but once we hit the parking lot i start bugging brandt, asking if i really looked pregnant or just a bit chubby. i realize at this point it was too late to change clothes, but still. he kept assuring me that i indeed did look pregnant. (i blame the hormones)

here's us:

rally cap. we thought maybe we had a chance there in the 9th. notsomuch

and i asked his buddy greg to get a pic of us with the field in the background. i meant a vertical one, so you could see my belly fat, i mean, bump. of course, guys don't get that sort of thing. so its just another picture, pretty much like the one above.
without the field behind us.

this is why jennifer is awesome.
she would have understood without me having to ask.

so here's a pic of me back at home:
(sorry it's not centered, i had the camera sitting on the counter with the self timer on. the centered one wasn't focused. so deal with it)



ladies and gentlemen, today i am 20 weeks into my pregnancy, which means i am halfway! so exciting!
when i look at this, i see a definite belly there,
but for some reason i feel like i'm not showing yet!

How far along? 20 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: no clue. jeans still fitting, but not comfortable
Maternity clothes? slowly switching over
Stretch marks? *crosses fingers* not yet
Sleep: not enough! my cough hasn't helped
Best moment this week: i think i can feel the baby!
Movement: i *think* so. its odd, but always in the same place
Food cravings: i like cheeseburgers alot
Gender: no clue, i'll say girl again
Labor Signs: not time yet
Belly Button in or out? innie
What I miss: sleeping all night w/o getting up to pee
What I am looking forward to: brandt being able to feel the baby
Weekly Wisdom: buy a house big enough to hold all your junk. or better yet, get rid of your junk before you buy a house!
Milestones: i had a stranger ask if i was pregnant! well, our regular waitress at casa ole, but still, she's sort of a stranger

ok, now a followup from yesterday. the stroller!

i love it. its really nice. but its b.i.g. it will be great for when i start running/jogging again. and for going for walks with the dogs, we don't stay on the sidewalks, we go out in a big grassy area. also, it will be great for the zoo and any sort of activity like that.

however, it is too big for the mall. it bums me out b/c i was hoping that this would be our go-to stroller, but not so much. it is agile and really easy to turn and move (at least empty) but it is more than likely too long and wide for shopping. but i could be wrong.

and lastly, here's brandt showing madi the stroller, and her checking it out!


my stroller is here!

i never thought i would be so excited over a stroller!

i got the easywalker sky (<- thats a clickable link) ours is orange (!) and they dont have it in that color on the site anymore. i got it for more than half off since it was last years model. so don't think less of us b/c we have an '08 model. haha (who even knew that strollers have year models!) here it is in the box. man, thats orange...

here's the sun canopy.

i'm not sure if i want to open it and set it up at work. but i know i probably will.
for the record, i would have preferred the aqua or navy or even lime. but when i got my slow butt around to actually ordering, all that was left was orange and army green. and although brandt preferred the army green (the orange looked a little, umm, burnt orangeish, for our tastes) i decided to be bold and go with the orange. which worked out, its a bright pumpkin orange. you will never loose us in a crowd!