houston, we have a face

this morning was another ultrasound, and our baby's face is no longer just bones, we have a definite face! so exciting!

at the last u/s we got a face shot, but it was creepy. well, it was a skull! so it was fun this time to see lips, nose, etc. we even got to see him (this week, boy) open his mouth a few times. we saw his tiny bladder, his heart beating (140 bpm) and a few other things. but no money shot, we looked away when she did measurements of the legs :)

the head though, big! 7 cm already! based on the tech's measurements, he is a little big, i believe he's measuring 9 days ahead. at the last u/s it was just 3 days. so we may not be making it till aug 23rd!


26 weeks

so depending on what schedule you go on, i'm officially in my third trimester!
(some say 26 weeks, some say 26w, 6d since that is what 40 weeks divided by 3 would be)

but i'll take it, yay 3rd tri! so that means i'm also starting my 7th month! wow, time is flying!

so now for the belly pics...

i'm posting both the bare belly and the covered-by-my-shirt ones... i'm sure at some point i will not feel like posting the bare belly ones anymore, but for now i am good. are they distrubing? b/c i can quit posting them now... i know the preggo belly isn't a thing of beauty to everyone. thoughts?

the dr gave me a new medicine, its a 24 hr pill, and it is a miracle worker! i am barely coughing now. thank you thank you thank you! certain foods (casa ole) still give me annoying i'm-about-to-pee-my-pants coughing fits, but overall, i am happy!

i noticed that i am feeling the most movements when i am driving. my theory is that it is b/c of the music! (i keep it loud) so we have busted out the giant headphones (think the ones for hearing tests in elemetary school) and put em on my belly. i'll keep you posted with the results!

How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: same as the appt 4 weeks ago. i feel bigger though!
Maternity clothes? permanently!
Stretch marks? not yet...
Sleep: good if i don't drink anything after 7pm lol
Best moment this week: playing music to the baby
Movement: a bunch. and you can see it too! creepy!
Food cravings: nope. and my appetite as dissapeared too
Gender: we took a poll, its a tie
Labor Signs: nada
Belly Button in or out? innie but its fading fast...
What I miss: having more than 2 prs of jeans to wear
What I am looking forward to: jen feeling the baby. she's dying
Weekly Wisdom: starbursts make me cough. i don't get it
Milestones: 3rd tri! double digits! seeing the baby move!


double digits!

here's me on thurs... i didn't even realize that i was down to double digits!
99 days left!

i took it b/c i liked my shirt and had just dyed my hair to fix a botched highlighting job and wanted to see what it looked like in natural light as opposed to my bathroom. apparently there's some truth to that "pregnancy hormones mess with your hair" theory.


i'm gonna brag on my sis

check out the supercute invites she made for my shower!

(scanner at work isn't the best, apparently. but trust me, its really cute!)


thank you Kohl's

so i was browsing kohl's website looking at their baby stuff when i came across some of those letters that you hang on the wall, usually spelling out the baby's name.

pink ones for a girl:

blue ones for a boy:

but i guess if you don't know the sex you are having a:


pregnancy makes me miss...

*disclaimer: i am sooooo happy that we are having a baby. please don't take this as complaining, i realize that we are blessed and we are very thankful. this is more of a joke post than anything*

1. i miss the motorcycle. i LOVE riding on it, maybe more than brandt. did i mention, i picked it out and made him go look at it?

2. i miss NOT coughing
i miss having a conversation where i'm not hacking up a lung every few minutes. or being able to sleep without coughing everytime i wake up. which happens alot. ask my wonderful husband who has on several occasions, gotten up to sleep on the couch.

3. i miss sleeping all night long
speaking of not sleeping all night... i swear i'm up 5 times. at least.

4. i miss holding my puppies!
they weigh a tad over 10 lbs...

5. oh, i miss going out!
not so much drinking, haven't missed that at all. but i do miss going out. i'm just too tired now!

but yeah, number 1 is def the bike.
BUT, i get to have a baby, so all is well :)

for katie:

my friend is raising money for the Alzheimer's Association in memory of her grandfathers, help her out! just click the banner above!



another post that's been sitting in my drafts for almost 2 weeks... my bedding!

i couldn't decide on what to pick... everything seemed so overpriced. i wasn't crazy about a "theme" i wanted more of a pattern or certain colors to go off of. so i decided to ask my mom, who sews. she had made the bedding for my sister when she was born, so it was something she's done before.

here's the pattern that we picked:
but since we don't know the sex, we aren't going to do the flowers, just regular ties for the bumpers.

and here's the fabric! its actually a quilt from target in the regular bedding section. (should have been $40 but my target had it marked wrong at $20! score!)

and thanks to my camera, the dark blue looks like royal blue. its actually more of a dark teal. we also got the sheets in solid lime, solid turquoise (the dot color, not the background) and in the stripes.

i meant to take a picture of the bedding in progress when we were at my parent's last weekend, but of course i forgot. technically, its a shower gift though, so i won't see it all finished till june.

not that i have a crib to put it on yet! we did order the furniture though! i'm sure excited! we picked it out a few weeks ago (and by "we" i mean my mom and jen. what about brandt? in a baby store? in his defense, he would have gone, he just mentioned that i would have more fun with them) so now its ordered, but its unfortunately back ordered, so 10-12 weeks to get it in. which is anytime late june to early july. so we've got the time.
its the 2000 series from cocoon
pictured is "paprika" but we ordered it in "espresso"
and we didn't get the armoire thingie either.
the furniture is a gift from brandt's wonderful grandparents! so thank you!

and that means i need to get the room emptied and painted!

24 weeks!

yay we made it to 24 weeks!
that means today is "viability day", although i think that is just something that people on my message board mark down as a milestone.

basically, if it is before 24 weeks and i were to go into labor or anything should happen, no effort is made to save the baby. after 24 weeks is when doctors will do everything within their means. (i'm not sure if this is based on insurance or medical stats or what.) but even if she were born today, that doesn't mean a 100% chance of survival. this baby still needs more time to cook!

so you stay put, sweet baby, and continue with your cute little kicks and we'll see you, hopefully, in a few more months!

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: not sure, dr appt is tues
Maternity clothes? permanently!
Stretch marks? not yet but my stomach is getting bigger faster now
Sleep: i hate sleeping on my side :( but no more back or stomach
Best moment this week: ordering the crib
Movement: really consistently now
Food cravings: i guess i'm wierd, no
Gender: this week its girl
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? innie but i can see the bottom! :(
What I miss: not coughing!
What I am looking forward to: maternity leave
Weekly Wisdom: coughing in public makes people think i have the swine flu
Milestones: 24 weeks, viability day!

stormy weather

ok, so technically this is two weeks old, but i never finished typing it up to post it. so here it is now.

we've had some funky weather lately, 2 fridays ago, there was a nasty storm headed our way, specifically, my house. they let me leave work early so that i could make it home before the storm. that didn't work out as well as planned, but i was home before the really bad stuff hit.

here's my veiw driving down the beltway. this is at 4pm. and no, i didn't do a thing in photoshop. the sky was green!

and then it did it again on saturday! i was playing online and brandt was on the phone when we had this one crash of lightning and thunder, simultaneously. brandt even made a joke to his friend that he thought our driveway got struck by lightning.

then we started hearing firetrucks and all sorts of commotion. turns out he wasn't that far off, the house across the street got hit! the lightning hit a tree and bounced down to the house below, hitting the back of it, but somehow blowing out the bricks in the front!

fortunatly, no one lives there right now. so no one was hurt. unfortunatly, that meant the firefighters had to break down the door to get in (there was smoke coming out)

and nothing draws a neighborhood together quite like drama, so of course i was out there with my fellow neighbors watching the action. and in the process got to meet some other people that we've been meaning to introduce ourselves to. (they are the only people on the street our age, and they just had a baby! so we are glad to have finally met them!)

flu free

last night we went out to a new restaurant, and all the tables were pretty close together. we were seated next to some fancy smancy "ladies who lunch" type people, and we could hear their whole conversation, so i know they could hear us.

pair that with my lovely coughing fits.
i was getting some pretty nasty looks throughout the evening.

i need a shirt that says "i have acid reflux, not the swine flu!"